Teaching is an awesome career but moving in social work, starting your own business there are a lot of opportunities available – teaching is interactive career but it’s not for everyone – most of the teachers are leaving the profession blaming heavy workloads and we can see that number of leaving the employment last six years is increased.

But the fact is leaving the job doesn’t mean you lose your skills – when we talk to the head or other lecturers they often worry how to use their skills and get a good worthy job belongs to their profession. There is no need to worry as teachers have marketable skills and experience and this is what that stands them in a job again. There is lot of commercial sectors where an education background is required – and a lot of opportunities are available for the teacher – here are few ideas and careers for the teachers:

  1. Tutoring:

If teaching is still your passion and you want to do a job of teaching but don’t want to go to school then tutoring is something that fits your demand – if working in school exhausted you or you are tired of heavy workloads then you have to choose different environment. Private tuition or home tutoring is best for you or you can also teach a student via Skype this setting is difficult to find in school. You can also branch out into subject-based teaching – another idea is to set your own business of home tutoring or introduce a franchise where you can run your own learning school.

  1. Work for educational supplier:

You can work for the companies relevant to education – a lot of companies are available that target schools for their products including furniture, educational software’s, training courses etc. you can become a member of that company and benefits them via into their sales product by introducing new products and you can also go business-related meetings and try to win new customers in education and have a teacher on board can also advantage the company.

  1. Museum educator:

The teachers have option or choice to choose their career for museum educator as you see in the museum an effort is done to attract the visitors and make their visit meaningful learning. The sector needs the persons that engage the visitors, providing fun activities and lectures. For being a teacher you have an option to choose your career for museum educator if you want to create fun in learning environment – as a teacher have an ability to involve the audience towards them – you can encourage the audience to visit the museum and also get innovation learning.

  1. Education liaison roles:

You can also work for recruitment of the teachers for organizations and can able to work for school partnership manager and organize the teachers in a school. You can join the companies or industries that are working for liaison roles and can also work for training programs of the teachers.

The above are the ideas – depending on your skills you don’t need to step in these careers you can also add qualification or do business it all depends on you. The above ideas are not an exhaustive list – many other ideas are also available for teachers to move in their careers.