A book is a gift you can open again and again – it enhances your information and provides you ways to enjoy your life and to build up your character. The book is not the thing that changes a person but the paragraph and quotes that inside have a deep effect on a person as books are the soul in the universe that flight to the imagination and life to everything.

The leading authors wrote the book that has a great impact on the thinking of the students and can raise the standards of the life – these books must be on the table of the student as many universities are neglecting them but we are sharing the books.

  1. Flowers in the Mirror by Li Ruzhen:

The book is Chinese novel translated as The Marriage of Flowers in the Mirror and completed in 1827 and the most popular novel in the world with its various kinds of fantasy stories and enhances the women talent and breaks the gender violence rules. She tells that women can dress and involved in politics or own business and are capable of doing everything that man can do and reinforces that idea.

  1. Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz:2

The palace walk is written by Egyptian writer and was translated into English in 1990 and the book begins with 1917 and end in 1919 during World War I, the novel based on family al-Jawad who keeps his wife and daughter in seclusion and his children are finding ways to recognize their identities. The novel is perfect with fully realized characters and has highlighted the sounds, aromas and bustle of the city and deeply satisfying both political and emotional level.

  1. On Black Sisters’ Street by Chika Unigwe:3

The author Chika Unigwe wrote this novel to give voices to those who are voiceless and a book that accomplished and leaves a strong aftertaste. The book story was based on four black girls and it was real storytelling tradition and a book that is eye-opening and thought-provoking. The four ordinary women start their travel and leave as prostitute in Belgium from Africa as they follow the path that forges new lives leaving the problems behind and the most enigmatic women are murdered and the remaining three women one is destroyed by war, other is facing injustice slowly share their stories that are terror, displacement of love and an evil man called Dele.

  1. The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon:4

The book is the perfect idea to an introduction of social, cultural and political implications to establishing movements in the person. The book has a French-language title and has a psychological analysis of the individual and provides the information at the point where violence becomes justifiable.

  1. So Long a Letter by Mariama Ba:5

The novel is a biography and theme the condition of women in Western African society, it is written as a long letter and describes the childhood of the girl in Africa, coming of age and the promises and some disappointments. The novel is even teach in the literature classes to aware the situation and to focus on women role in Africa.

  1. Dhammapada Buddhist text:

The Dhammapada is the collection of different saying of Buddhist and was widely read – the saying in the book was made for different occasions to raise the life of Buddha and provides the rich source of legend for the life, after reading the book we are able to think wisely and screw up again and again and provides a beneficial living and a way to move towards the goal but slowly.