The current law students need to update with the latest legal news and research and mobile apps can help them for the purpose. The latest equipment’s and technology is rapidly increasing and it also enhances the strength of law students in form of app and makes it easier to memorize the case law or the latest case in Supreme Court with help of mobile apps.

Law study is not an easy job – students have to absorb a lot of information everyday i.e. late night study sessions or to gather the information that is only available in libraries but now they can access it via tablet or mobile phone apps that can help ease their pain and have a successful career.

The mobile apps for students some are free to access and some need subscription charges but we are telling you the best apps to enhance your knowledge.

  • On the Case & Halsbury’s Legal Terms:

Both apps are the most appropriate for the students provide access to wide range of cases law and provide easy access to search the case via name using search bar – the app has a lot of collection such as more than 300,000 cases and almost 3500 legal terms and phrases description. You can search by adding the keyword or citation and gives the status of the case as well as the judgment treatment also. You have to login in the app and use LexisNexis library – both apps are only available to IOS users and the most important both apps are free to use.

  • My Legal Places:

The app proven to be useful at work experience – in your law career you need to find the services you want at some point such as police station, court or Community legal offices then this app provides you detailed knowledge – provides you the location via map that can be easily saved and can added to the favorites. The most important app is free to use and provides you accurate information of locations.inside-featrd

  • Black’s Law Dictionary:

The black law dictionary is one of the most appropriate dictionaries for the law students and always proven to be the most trusted dictionary and most widely used in the world. The app contains nearly 50 thousand terms and also including 16 thousands new definition of law terms and also provides you pronunciation for over 7 thousand terms for the ease of the students – the user can search using bar or press any highlighted term on the page for the details – the fact is that it is expensive for the students as it needs $54.99 for mobile app.

  • PDF converters:

The law students must need to scan their documents and then convert it into PDF like they need to scan and copy large law books – students use the apps like JotNot to straight convert the images direct into PDF with this camera. The app needs $2.99 to upgrade and unlock PDF access.

  • News Apps:

The law students must need to update with latest legal news and Supreme Court cases and a lot of free apps are available for the purpose for both IOS and Android that can enhance your critical and analytical thinking skills – the apps are Legal Check, Law Society Gazette, ABA Journal, and many others.

The students can also use cloud storage for storing their data and documents, pictures to access them from different platforms and devices.