Are you interested in becoming a cooperative parent for your child – as digital media is improving school readiness among infants? Oxford University researchers have developed an app for the betterment of the families and secure future of the kids.

The innovative new app is developed by Oxford University that allows you to teach your children through playing games and develop their skills that are needed for the schools – and betterment for their future. The purpose of the app is to teach the kids of age 2-5 years by offering parents with a bank of games to play with the child and support their children’s learning and development.

The university developed the app known as ‘Easy-peasy’ who have long-term backing through fund – the experts said by sending the new ideas and games to play every week and also SMS service will give parents an access to utilize with new technologies and bring up children aged between two and six.

The researchers said that this app is the cheapest to the parents and improve school readiness in a simple way – they researched that there is a huge difference between poor and rich children at age 5 but with this app has shown that effective engagement of kids with parents can boost learning.

The app provides you games like to eat strawberry – you have to distract your child from eating strawberry and this will ensure to help the child from fight temptation – the app send data and new games and staff will encourage less engaged parents to take participate.inner

The study has revealed followed by nearly one hundred and forty-four (144) families who used the educational app of the university and showed that it remains effective in improving children capacity with new strategies and suggestions.

‘The professor of psychology at the university said that the Easy-Peasy will produce promising results and can make a difference in lives of children and has the capacity to enhance the child vision to make a strong start at school. The researchers said that the app was delivering to the parents with real very low delivery of about £35 for a child – the low cost of the app make it popular and will grow rapidly and also providing families with preschool learning and parental support.’

The research on the app was conducted by Sutton Trust and Fairbairn Foundation with the app and said that the app was great and remain successful in enhancing the growth of children – we know that ailment gap between rich and poor children effects their skills before starting schools – tackling these conditions we are enhancing these programs and inventions to improve social mobility.

The Fairbairn Foundation said that the key to success of the child is parental support – the parents are worried about the future of the kids but the funds are rising to secure the kids and provide tools to reduce the attainment gap and we are happy and feel excited to support these latest innovations for the betterment of the pupils.