The local education authorities are worried as more than 3000 students belonging from England and Wales are missing from the education periods of time in 2014 – 2015.

The authorities are anxious and bothered about the critical condition as it is on security risks – this is the biggest issue of the country and a mostly situation is worse due to forced marriage.

The research has shown that most of the students are not receiving any kind of schooling and the department of the education is launching new guidance to the schools. The research and local authorities added that many of the students are missing from the school as they leave the living area and went to the abroad with their parents or guardian and had failed to inform the school about their movement.

The figure is dangerous as 33,262 students are missing from any kind of registration from the schools in England and Wales in academic year ending in 2015. The figures prompt warning as children are dropping from the school could be at risk of physical, sexual and mental harm.

The authorities also added that workers are unable to trace the vulnerable students and nearly more than 10 percent of the children are never traced by the local authorities and that figure is reached to 3897. In Manchester, the children were also missing from the education and the figure shows that nearly 810 children were unknown in the year 2015.

The figure in Bradford shows that 985 students were missing from the school and authorities are unable to trace nearly 321 of them after the extensive inquiries on the matter. The figure is raising the country and authorities are seriously worried about the situation as most of the students are found missing due to their force marriage or parents or any kind of abuse.c

The National Bureau of the children tells that a variety of serious risks are going due to which students are missing from the school – they added that some councils are performing excellent job on the matter and some assemblies are unable to perform a good job, there should not be only one child that is facing the problem and can’t be tracked due to potential risks.

We know that sexual abuse is increasing and possibility that missing children involved in forced marriage or possibility relation among young children involvement in an extremist activity. The charity said that figures were likely to underestimate the scale of the problem and many of the children disappear from the education – in response, a spokesperson said we have issued new guidance to clear the duty to establish identities of the children and the police have clear the power to take action.