Are you overwhelmed using the browser translators or want the extensive capabilities of translating the page or looking for the app where you can easily edit then this extension is what you are looking for!

The extension provides you deep research towards selected words as the extension provides up to 10,000 characters, words, phrases and sentences and web pages between 91 languages using 3 translation providers.

The latest version provides you variety of features including translate the selected texts and get a reverse translation or floating the pop-up bubbles for the words dictionary and also translate the web pages. The translation extension provides up to 91 languages access to the users.

How to download the extension to the browser?

The extension is available for the Google Chrome browser with no charges as you need to download the extension with just one click and it will contribute to your browser as you need.

Click on the link below to download the extension to your browser:

Save your plenty of time and money with this single extension.