House is the basic element of our society. It’s our basic need to survive. Now days it’s used to show as a status of your life style when you have a house you feel secure and safe to live in the society before some centuries ago it’s just used to have shelter and safety House is basic part of Human being. As before a philosopher named Maslow explain it in his Hierarchy that there are different steps of life in every person’s life and he explained that the first and most Maintain Our House  nade2014required need is safety and shelter and after that food and another goes on now the life style and trends are change and the people make their own houses and use them to have safety and security for both purpose with respect to live happy.

When you have house and you have to maintain it in every aspect of life like cleaning construction maintenance and make it safe from external factors like weather factors and human actions and also from the natural disasters as much you can because all factors are controllable except the natural disasters so remove all those all facts which we can do for safety of our house.

The first of maintenance part is cleaning which includes and refer to your life to the visitors and those people with whom you do interact and they visit you and they feel how you live in your house. It’s compulsory to have neat and clean environment of your house to show people and to also yourselves how much you sophisticated are. Maintains of house is not a big deal you just have to do concentrate on it and all tasks will be done easily it’s just game of mind and your willingness to do it.

As per nature of humans they like to live in neat and clean environment and how we aspect that cleanliness will happens automatically without no efforts and without doing any work force it creates an image on the viewers about your personality So create Guts that have positive impact on others if you are unable to do that then you must have negative impact against your personality which will be demotivation in your practical life. In maintenance cleaning is major part which takes almost 1 hour on daily basis and you have a proper cleaned environment of house.

The another part in house maintenance is construction and it is also required on consistent basis because due to weather and another factors there must be wear and tear always in routine life and if we do not maintain that part it will hurts to the look of your house and it will be harmful in long run as monetary part and also in moral aspects so do favor to yourself and maintain it on routine basis it is a necessary of life and need of everyone be proactive and initiative all the time in terms maintenance.