The government has announced that EU students will pay the same fee in the year 2017 as domestic undergraduates and will able to achieve the same loans and grants.

After weeks of uncertainty, ministers have confirmed that EU students are welcomed and they will able to study with the same fee and can also be eligible for student loans even if the UK leaves the union. Under the new plans, students will continue their studies for the academic year 2017-2018 and honored throughout the application courses.

The government shows their support to students for their development of future and Jo Johnson the minister of universities said: “International students are the main source of contribution in the country and their world’s best classes and they can apply freely for next year admission and also receives the support and loan throughout the duration of their course and provide stability for students”.

Jo Johnson Universities Minister

Jo Johnson Universities Minister

They highlighted that European and international students are most needed for to increment the values and support local business and creating jobs in UK towns. The government develops a plan in form of post-Brexit Britain – a commitment to make sure students will enjoy the same facilities while coming to the country without any tough burdens.

As UK is an impressive destination path for students that benefits the UK and also supports them to study – the University College Union is welcoming the global students for next year but put a danger for UK’s role on international academic stage.

Under the EU’s free movement student can access the same tuition fee and borrows the same loan to pay back and that is amazing for overseas students.

The government has to take decision carefully at this moment to save the rest of future of UK students – one good start can save the rights of hundreds of EU students. The government is trying to develop the system which supports legitimate students who want to study and others also added we assure the message of Britain that we welcome the other students and our universities remain open for them.

Anyone staying in the UK the student loan is debited directly from pay slip however if he moves abroad then there is no way to enforce the student to pay back the loan – the higher education said the students who don’t pay back their loan are considered to benefit fraudsters and tax evaders.

Students from the EU currently owe £1.3 billion – the EU students who are residing more than five years in the UK will also be able for the same loans in graduate and post graduate programs.

Most universities are a stand against Brexit campaign claiming to leave the union that discourages EU and international students and for harm funding. Pressure has developed on SNP ministers to make a similar pledge for EU students – universities also said we need clarity on the matter and must be communicated.