Everyone exists in the world with some kind of creativity – children are the best example of imagination they play or do any task is the display of inspiration. Today business instantly needs the people who are creative and innovative.

The creativity is somewhat that is the most demanding feature of the person as we are not talking about high artists – in general, everyone can sing or dance i.e. the whole world is born creative but we need a school where we get educated or being taught literacy and numeracy.

The truth of the modern education and school is that we are teaching the student about their programs or syllabus but not producing creativity as we are following the 19th century model where children were taught to obey to parents, elders but not to develop and enhance their internal qualities and creativity – this is the reason why you stand or get attended when teacher walk into the class. The article is written to aware the professors as well as teachers to make student creative and uses strategies to enhance their career after all they are the future of our nation – traditionally most people believes that the creativity belongs to the artists or musicians but they are wrong as creativity is also the need of business promotion and the persons with creative mindsets can produce effective services.

The important is that persons with good mindset can become more successful and they are being studied in an efficient way in the past – we have to create our students creative as maintaining their mindset over playing ground while talking with friends and other varieties of ways are available.

The modern globe needs inspirational persons for business and creativity is what that have a lot of careers – leadership must be creative for the business as they have to deal with customers as well as employees and has to plan new policies for efficiency of work – boardroom must need creative persons as it is filled with bigger, bolder and exciting ideas.

Our society has many people who refused to many opportunities – they have lack of confidence or peer pressure will lead to this or they have negative thinking this is due as kids grown up they have less excited towards the new ideas – this is the biggest problem of our society and we have to deal with these situations in a way that our students become creative.