Spending excessive time on the Facebook will ruin your Christmas holidays and make you unhappy for the festive – Social media is the first priority for having fun on the holidays by sharing and posting photos with friends and family but the excessive use of the Facebook on these days will make you miserable.

The social media is somewhat that everybody spends its lot of time towards it by seeing the perfect holidays photos of different families and statuses of visiting areas – it may lead to lower your mood according to the new research done by the University of Copenhagen.

The study of the emotional feeling was conducted on more than 1300 participants and most of the women tell that they feel unhappy or sad after the use of the Facebook and feel to be not well-being or unsatisfied with the entire life.f

Unrealistic Social Comparisons:

Researchers worked on different nature of the people and searched out that when you are spending excessive time on the social media including the giant one Facebook, you look other people profile and photos and it leads you towards the unrealistic social comparison and brought negative impacts.

The research was conducted over 1300 participants and they are divided into two groups of the people – the one group is representing the people that are addicted towards the Facebook and use it normally and while the second group people are those that quit Facebook or did not use it for a week.

The outcome of both people shows that one using social media daily will lead towards the depression due to the posts of the others, no doubt social media is establishing good connections with others but everything has some bad impacts and this is the impact of excessive use of Facebook.

The researchers had warned the people from the excessive use of social media and if you are feeling any above-mentioned state then try to quit the Facebook only for a week and you will find the positive impact of it.

Another research was conducted on the use of social media suggesting that the people using more networks will have a greater chance of depression as well as mental health and the people using eleven social sites are more likely towards the mental health issues.

The suggestion is to remain happy on your holidays by stop using social sites altogether and make fun with family and friends.