A young school girl burned her own arm several times with the help of deodorant believed that ‘it really looks cool’ a new dangerous school trend.

Have you ever thought of burning own body part with the deodorant? It is really dangerous tasks whereas parents are worried as burning arm with aerosol deodorant is the new school trend attempted by the school girl 12 years old.

The school girl Katilyn Stanley, 12, appeared on the TV show this morning with her mother Sara who wants to raise the voice and awareness to other parents about dangerous school trends as children filmed themselves spraying aerosol deodorant directly to their skin in a test of endurance.Girl, 12, Burned Her Arm With Aerosol Deodorant Because ‘It Was Cool’ – Dangerous School Trend

The 12 years old girl added that she becomes a part of this trend as her fellows attempted the same deodorant and then she filmed herself putting aerosol deodorant to her arm as it looks great as your skin goes white and made a beautiful pattern.

The fact is that doctors declared that this is really dangerous school trend as putting deodorant to their body as several cases lead to the skin cancer in the future or their wounds lead to the worst condition to require a skin graft in many cases.

The girl was asked whether she knows that this trend and putting aerosol spray to your body lead to permanent skin damage then school girl remain stunned and replied ‘No’.

The interview with the little girl showed facts about thoughts of the children as when asked is she worried about the permanent damage to her skin then she nodded.

The 12 years old girl added that she didn’t know about the health condition of doing this trend but she feel looking her arm like this – she has no idea how many times she has attempted this task.Girl, 12, Burned Her Arm With Aerosol Deodorant Because ‘It Was Cool’ – Dangerous School Trend

The doctor explained later about this dangerous school trend as holding the aerosol spray just a few inches far from the hand is really dangerous for the skin of the body as lead to medical issues later – people think these crazy trends are fun but don’t think how dangerous they are for the health!

What do people think that deodorant will make their skin beautiful? No, it only leads to pain in many cases and lead the infection to the body and cause pigment for a long time and if your pigment is damaged then you need to care as it leads to skin cancer.

The school girl mother found the marks on her daughter last week and post the photograph on the social media to aware the people as she was disappointed and she added that she was posting this photograph to warn the other parents.

She posted that I warned Kaitlyn never attempt this deodorant challenge and warning other parents and other moms also posted the photo of their kids who attempted this dangerous challenge and told that this is stupid.

Kaitlyn mother added that her daughter attempted this dangerous challenge just for sake of fun, there is no purpose to do this task!a