USB is the essential part of the computer these days as you can attach the mouse, keyboard, and printer or use it for data transferring but what if your system is not recognizing the USB?

This is the most common problem and often people are worried about the solution but in this article, you will be able to resolve the issues regarding the USB.

Does USB drive have a drive letter?

If the USB you attached to the system will show drive letter then simply you can conclude that you need to change the drive letter that is not using for any other device – this is a good idea for USB recovery.How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized By Windows?

A lot of methods are also available to resolve the issue and some of them are following:

  • Method1: In most cases, you need to format your drive to recover the USB if it is not accessible but showing you on the computer.
  • Method2: You just need to unplug the USB device and then re-attach the device to the system – first of all try this method before anything.
  • Method3: You need to upgrade the device driver, sometimes driver seems as ‘Unknown device’ and you need to recover the driver to start working properly with the drive.
  • Method4: You need to remove all the USB devices that are attached to the machine and then restart the system – in most cases, the problem can resolve with this attempt.
  • Method5: You can also take help from the troubleshooting of the device to resolve the issue of the device to work properly with the system.