Snapchat is the fun experience of the user and becomes the popular messaging app for many reasons and millions of people are a fan of the app.

The app is growing rapidly and becoming necessary for every smartphone user and the situation shows that the app is not going down. The Snapchat is the wonderful app that allows you to share your photos, videos, and selfies with your friends.

It provides you relax time with your friends with a collection of filters and enjoy the beauty of the messenger with the friends but the fact is that app is designed in a way that makes sure user cannot store the picture or screenshot without notifying the sender.

Therefore, whenever you take the screenshot of your friends chat or picture for the just sake of the fun and similarly your friend takes a photo or screenshot of chat then snapchat will notify the sender and alerts the user about the activity.

There is no third party app available that allows you to take the screenshot of Snapchat and store the information and data for the record but here is a single way that allows you to cheat with the system of Snapchat and record the data without notifying the sender.

How to take a screenshot on Snapchat without notifying the other person?

  • To take the screenshot of the Snapchat without notifying the other user is quite easy and simple – the first step is to make sure that your phone is not in Travel Mode or Battery Saving Mode as both modes will restrict the background app activity and the method will not work.
  • Whenever you get a new snap on the messenger just don’t open the app instantly, wait until the image load completely and then move to the settings of the mobile phone and turn off the WIFI and turn the airplane mode on of the mobile phone.
  • You need to take the screenshot of the messenger app until the time runs out as the picture remains available to look without the connection to the internet.
  • Once you have taken the photo of the snapchat and messenger and store it on the storage then you need to close the application and turn off the airplane mode and this is the only way that you can take the screenshot without notifying the other user.
  • You can also clear the cache from the settings of the mobile phone after clicking the screenshot of the messenger to avoid alerting the other user after connectivity of the internet.

The method mentioned above work without any error as we tested this method number of times as your message will remain unopened and you have taken a screenshot of the snap to get enjoy the cheat with your friend and system.