A new humanoid robot is designed which is considered to be a fellow of children and have sensors that respond when touch even talk with the children and play the drums.

The new robot is designed to help the children of four-to-five years old who find difficulties in communicating and forming a relationship with others and is known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the robot is known as Kaspar.

The robot is designed and introduced by the University of Hertfordshire to help the children who have recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as they are unable to define friendship with other students and cannot easily manage them in society.Humanoid robot with skin sensors helps autistic children with their social skills

Kaspar – Humanoid Robot:

The robot designed named as Kaspar and it is under observation with the UK National Health Service – the robot uses realistic elements including emotions and communications with a variety of sensors attached on touch.

The robot has a collection of sensors on the human parts including cheeks, legs, arms, torso and many others and programmed in such a way that it will easily respond to touch and the respond of the robot triggered remotely by teachers, therapists or other children.

The robot has emotions as well to teach the children about the social behaviors as if the robot is tickled then the respond of the robot is friendly and sometimes laugh as well but if the children are playing roughly with the robot then it will tell the children that it hurts and express body language.

A trial of robot – Kaspar:Humanoid robot with skin sensors helps autistic children with their social skills

The trial of the Kaspar robot is continued these days as the initial study with the robot is conducted over 40 students that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and the students belonging to the age of five to 10 years old.

The study will compare the working of the Kaspar along with the working of therapist and the research was conducted by the university shows that Kaspar is able to support a social and emotional development of the children with autism.

The previous studies of Kaspar show that it produces promising results and outcomes and enhance the development of communication and social skills in children with autism and we want to enhance the Kaspar in the real life as well.Humanoid robot with skin sensors helps autistic children with their social skills

The current survey over the students that are diagnosed with autism reached to 700,000 people and shows that it is becoming part of life these days and the parents need to wait for a long time to diagnose the disease and to enhance the social capabilities of the kids.

The minister of public health and doctors related to the social development of the children thought that this invention is quite important for the development of the kids and helped the children to enhance the social skills to remain successful in society.

The Kaspar has recently shown brilliant results in the initial study and many regions and this new approach will be implemented in the clinics for kids to play with them as Kaspar is able to comb and talk and play with the children.