With Apple making its way through to iOS 11, which is being the latest iOS version available to date, there are quite a few tweaks and workarounds now available for the previous versions. And if you are running iOS 9.2 on your device, and the best thing is that you have jailbroken your device already, you must be on the lookout for some of the best iOS 9.2 jailbreak tweaks in order to make the most of your jailbreak experience. As you might already know, a jailbroken device doesn’t give you anything new unless you have installed some of the best Cydia jailbreak tweaks on your device. So, let’s not waste any more time and get straight into some of the best tweaks that you can think of installing on your jailbroken device.

  1. Action Menu

Action Menu tweak allows you to make changes to the Action Menu of your iOS device when items or words are double tapped on your iOS device. Different options can be added or removed as needed. You can download the tweak for free from the big boss repository in Cydia.

  1. Agape

It’s a free app which hosts giveaways featuring different themes and tweaks. So, if you are interested in anything of that sort, download it from cp digital darkroom repository for free.

  1. Activator

One of most popular iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks available today, Activator allows you to make shortcut gestures which can be used for initiating certain actions. For instance, you can set your device up for launching music app or camera app if you press both the volume buttons together. It’s another free tweak that you can download from Big Boss repository.

  1. Anemone

If you love playing around with different themes, you can use Anemone for installing various themes, boot logos, etc. Actually, you have to download them from Cydia and then use Anemone for enabling them. The tweak is available for free from the big boss repository.

  1. App Admin

If you want full control over App Store, App Admin is a perfect tweak to have on your iOS 9 jailbroken device. It lets you do different things for better controlling of your apps. For instance, you can use the tweak for downgrading apps or disabling app updates and other similar things. Download it for free from the big boss repository on Cydia.

  1. Apple File Conduit 2

With Apple File Conduit 2 you can be able to access your iPhone using USB. You won’t just have access to default photos folder, rather Root folders will also be accessible. This can be helpful in adding custom themes to Anemone as well or you can even use your iPhone as a USB device. You can download it from the saurik repository.

  1. Berry C8

Yet another free tweak available from the big boss repository, Berry C8 can be used for starting apps from the lock screen. Keep in mind, however, that you still need to provide your device’s passcode. With the tweak, you can add apps to the lock screen and drag them to open while unlocking the device.

So, these are some of the best tweaks for iOS 9 users who are running the OS on their jailbroken devices. The best part is that all of the tweaks listed here are completely free and you can have fun using them.