You like your friends and want to spend plenty of time with them but what if you have to live with them? Is sharing the room with friends is a good idea when you are in college? You have successfully reached to high school now and time has come to decide your living plans for the year – no parent is there to order you to clean the room and its feeling of excitement and you want to share the feeling to person better than best friend – but slow down I’m telling you some reasons why moving best friend room is not a good idea?

  • Personal might clash:

When you are decided to live with your best friend – you and your friends have something common currently and you spend time and go home but living together you will discover the habits of the friend that you don’t like and spending too much time with anyone can crash your personalities and it will create critical situations in the friendship – it’s recommendation not to live with best friend.

  • Money crisis:

The most stressful time for the students living away from the home is the end of the month – when you have to clear and pay your bills – living at own is not an easy situation you have to be ready for the situation – if your friend wants to hang out and upset your finance than it is not a good option and if you have to chase your friend for money at the end of month than that thing really starts to go stale. If your friend is not responsible for the rent and entertainment than a bulk of expenses fall in your lap that creates tension.

  • You don’t use to sharing:

It’s hard to share the room, accessories, and clothes with the other individual if you are just now deciding to move in with another stranger – one finds difficulty when it wakes up and finds its toothpaste dry – these situations create questions in mind it’s mine or it’s yours – sharing is somewhat that nobody allows – If you keep emotions from talking to your friend than it creates tensions and problems in the hostel life.

It also damages the friendships and enhances the problems when it comes to the food – it hurts anyone if his food is eaten by someone without his permission. You and your friend don’t have the same boundary of the fridge the leftover mozzarella stick before night is the easy situations of breaking the life.

  • You want your room clean:

Living with a best friend is not a sleepover night you have to spend the time – it doesn’t seem you enjoyed at night and have a pillow fight and in morning all end. You have to clean the room with yourself whereas your friend leaves for the job or school and he was not cooperating with yourself and leaves the work for you then I believe you never want to spend a minute with that person or might be situation your best friend is dirty and you have habit of living in clean surroundings.