Everyone loves to have a neat and tidy house. Coming back from a tiring day at work and having to enter a messy house gives each and every one of us a really bad feeling. A clean and organized house not only gives the whole environment an appealing look but also gives us a sense of pride as its owners. Whenever guests come over, you would want them to have a good impression of you. No one wants to bring people over to a dirty and messed up the place, more so your guests wouldn’t be comfortable in such a condition. There are a lot of methods in which you can keep your house in an organized way.

Basket with cleaning items on blurry background

A housekeeper’s job is no piece of cake. You really need to take care of every little detail. In the honor of their world people also celebrate the International Housekeepers Week. Housekeepers working in hotels have to clean thousands of room each year. Working so long in this field they have a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeve which makes them more efficient in their work. And as it is with everything, the more you work the more you gain experience, as practice makes a man perfect. This is a really important job in India and you need to know the best to do a satisfying work. You can find a lot of housekeeping tips Hindi written ones online to help you better.

Organised cleaning

  • TYDING UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE- you should not keep things for later. Clean up things as soon as you are done with it. Clean all the dishes and pans used for cooking and eating. Fold and set all the spare clothes away in their respective places. Keep the living room neat, keep toys in a separate place. Dust all the dirt from your furniture.
  • WEEKLY CLEANING- every week you should have a thorough inspection of all the rooms and attack all the big things. Clean all the high areas first and then go to the lower ones. Remove all the cobwebs which get accumulated on all the corners of the room. Use roller lint brushes to remove all the pet hair from your furniture. by the use of petroleum jelly, you can remove water rings from wooden surfaces.
  • YEARLY CLEANING- set a full day aside for this. On this day you have to take care of all the things you had been skipping throughout, like cleaning the fan blades, vents, exhaust fans, stoves etc. All the cupboards should be cleaned inside out. Windows and their frames, doors everything has to be made spotless. You can even sort out all your clothing and set all the useless ones aside.

In this way, your house will look forever new and everyone who enters it will be mesmerized. For the people who don’t understand English that well tips on house cleaning in Hindi are also available on the internet. You just have to search for the most useful one and you will be all set.