A group of students is traveling in an ordinary school bus and then suddenly their journey is transformed into a red planet and provides them reality experience.

In an incredible journey, the traditional bus is traveling on to the roads of Washington DC then the bus a transforms itself into Mars as the windows of the bus had been replaced with the computer screen that will provide the reality experience.

The senior developer of the Field trip to the mars for students added that ‘Students are inside the bus as normal trip then suddenly the bus becomes dark and Mars pop out and the students get crazy with the scene of Mars’.

  • The IDEA of the trip towards Mars:Kids go on a field trip to Mars in virtual reality school bus adventure

The field trip senior developers and other people associated with the project added that ‘we want to enhance the first generation inspiration with the Mars and want to made students closer to the Mars’.

They added that we just take the bunch of students to the normal trip and transformed their experience in the bus with other planets experience as they see, hear and feel the experience of other planets with the help of virtual reality without having headsets or goggles and we are using technology to bring Mars to the earth.

  • A need for a field trip:

The field trips are pretty important for the kids to open their mind to the technology and modern world and enhance their experience with the reality instead of studying the subjects without experiment – this is the way students can pick their future or work in the field they like and prove successful contribution in the world.

  • The Challenge developers face while on the trip:Kids go on a field trip to Mars in virtual reality school bus adventure

The project management added that we are a little bit worried as students are a kid and we transform the journey of the students into Mars without knowing them but students really enjoy the experience as the bus locked the windows initially and transform the scene.

  • The Impact of this trip towards students:Kids go on a field trip to Mars in virtual reality school bus adventure

The field trip to the Mars for the students is extremely awesome for the kids and they enjoyed the real life experience as an area has sand, a scene that is a reality as the Mars and after the sand storm bus was traveled – half of them really wants to get out of the bus to enjoy the scene – The bus was becoming the trending topic on social media and becoming popular in all over the world.

The senior developer of the project added that ‘students become crazy with the reality scene and their emotions were incredible and the feeling of the kids made me emotionless – the technology is growing rapidly and the schools definitely need the latest gadgets to accelerate innovations and creates limitless opportunities for the students.