The world is growing rapidly and a population of the region also increasing and every parent wants to make his children superior to others and they also want to make the students happy with their entire life but the research shows that 70 percent of kids are unhappy with the school.

The research shows unexpected results as 70 percent of people said they had feelings of fear, anxiety or unhappiness in their past lives – actually, there is so much to learn in the school rather than ABCs or multiplying factors or much more.

The experience of different parents:We have to learn lessons of sadness and make sure our kids are happy

Here are some of the bad experience of parents in their childhood and you need to get prepare your kid for these challenges and make them strong as well to compete for the world.

  • One parent added that while she was in school she had to feel of anxiety or fear every time as she got beaten by different girls regularly on my way to home and one day she often broke my wrist watch into pieces and it is my brand new watch and a pleasant from my parents – when I reached home and my mom wrap me up in love.
  • Another parent added his event and saying that kids often feels insecure in many conditions or thought they have unattainable beauty and body shape perfection or remain alone in the room – all have bad impacts on the thinking of the kids and remain unable to compete with the world.

What are precautions?We have to learn lessons of sadness and make sure our kids are happy

Parents need to teach the children about the principles of the life and motivate them about their progress as bullying the kids always lead to the negative thinking for the children – some of the reasons why children remain sad in school?

  • Sometimes an overload of study for the kids also leads to the bad impacts of thinking as some kids are interested in the sports or other activities and teachers are unable to perceive the thinking of the people.
  • We need to teach the kids about respect and tells them to remain nice to everyone as they will also remain happy to you.
  • You need to teach the kids that we need to learn from the mistakes instead of changing direction as a failure leads to bigger success.We have to learn lessons of sadness and make sure our kids are happy
  • Never lose your imagination and always try to succeed the world for better outcomes.
  • Honesty is the key – always speak truth to everyone as we often create a lie to hide the mistake but it becomes habit – you need to speak the truth too painful truth is good than comfortable lie for the people.
  • Always respect the elders, and say thank you or please to the people to remain nice to them and they will also take care of you.
  • Teach your kids that grades in the class are important but being a good person is also important, stay relax and respect the others.

We need to develop a machine where we can quite easily measure the expression of the kids or introduce a system where a user can quite easily work on a scoring system and check the level of happiness of the kids.