The security researchers explain about the latest malware virus that affects millions of people smartphones while they are downloading the apps from the Google play store on Android – look whether you are affected or not?

The online security researchers sound alarmed towards the android owners as more than two million people’s smartphone are affected by the malware virus and displayed the ads on their device and control their device to earn the money.

The latest virus is known as Falseguide where the virus is coded and the user will download the virus while they are downloading the app from the play store as the developers found that more than 50 apps on the android platform have infected millions of people phones.Millions of android user download malware virus to smartphone, masquerading as game guides

The virus is contained in the apps that look like the guides of the games and the virus is installed in these apps while the users download this app from the play store they also download the virus on their mobile phone that can be controlled by the hackers for making money.

The group of Russian hackers is working on the silent botnet to control the device of the people and perform hack attacks with this device such as website targeting and others but the security experts reveal that Falseguide virus is used for adware software.

The malware is coded under the guidelines of the popular games but the fact is that this virus is used to earn money as they display the ads on the user mobile phone and earn the money through the software connectivity.

The security experts added that the hackers control the device of the people without knowing the owner and can perform any hacking attempt but the fact is that these apps are available at November 2016 and remain hidden for five months.

At this moment, it seems that hackers are using this virus only for earning money but they can access the whole smartphone and risk the functionality of the device in the future.