The independent and private schools are offering 10,000 poor children free places for a year – the families to low-income in England.

The independent schools i.e. 1200 private schools are ready to offer ten thousand students free places for the year and are in touch with the government if the state offers them a subsidy of £5500, the same figure the government pays to pupil funding state schools.

The self-governing schools are also said that if the government pays them the exactly same figure of charity schools then they cover the rest of cost. The move will come from the private schools just after the Theresa warned they have to do more for social mobility if they want to keep tax privileges.

The ISC (Independent School Council) has proposed that is providing 10 thousand places for young poor children – the students involved all ages from prep to the sixth form and then test the following students their ability and performance and preferred the children of low background instead of top performing academy or grammar school pupils.

The details for what kind of test are performed for the ability tester – and what are the exact scheme details is not settled without the government’s approval but the scheme would be open to both primary and secondary school-age children.

The chairman of ISC also added that the step is forward from the private schools and want to create good places for students, both in state and independent schools and it will also increment the social mobility in the state.fea

The plan is designed as the government wants private schools to do more for local students or potential students that cannot afford the fee if they want to save £150m a year.

But Sir Michael added that the scheme will not go far enough and I think they can do better for the students as 600,000 pupils in each year group and the private schools are educating only 7 percent of them from the total school population.

The National union of teachers also added that the system in which public funds are used to support low background pupil education is a dangerous step as only brighten students are picked to the private schools and it is unable to improve social mobility.

But the headmasters’ added that the plan is good to co-operate between government as well as private schools to offer an outstanding education to a new generation of children and we want to improve and make new ways for the children and we hope better and hopeful government will precede our proposal.

A spokesperson for the department of education said that we welcome the proposal from the consultation and will respond early to the course.

The senior manager at work place added that the idea of the private school is good as it provides a chance to the students that parents doesn’t meet the expense of private schools and proven to be valuable to the betterment of the future.