The police have warned the schools and colleges over the scam that linked with cyber criminals calling a school over the information of head and send over virus demanding thousands of pounds.

The UK is at danger as the cyber crime fraud is at extreme and now approaching the head teachers or senior teachers of the school as well as college and demand thousands of dollars according to the fraud reporting center and warned the schools.

The fraud reporting center added that ‘the criminals are making calls in the schools or colleges and demand the personal information including the name as well as phone number and the email address stating that they were calling from the department of the education and need to send the sensitive information about health and exam to the teachers’.

The criminals also add that the information is sensitive which cannot be sent to the school account, the offenders send the email to the person that contains the virus and a malicious email and the person open the attachment and the attachment is the virus that infects the computer and corrupts all the existing files that require the decrypted key.

The Cybercrimes are becoming challenging for the police to handle the situation and the person open the email, an attachment of zipping file contains and the person download and needs to pay £8,000 for unlocking the data in some cases.

The scammers often use the words that the information is belonging to the mental health assessments of the teacher – the police of the state warning different schools and the colleges to look for the privacy and check what information they displayed on the social media.

The spokesperson of the DFE added that we are now aware of the scammers that they are approaching towards the schools and colleges and especially the headmaster of the schools and we are advising the staff members of the school to follow the instruction issued by the Action Fraud.

The schools should be careful about the social links as scammers can also use the platform including LinkedIn or likes of the twitter or Facebook and the software they are running for the school must be up-to-date and regularly backup data.

The last year research shows that the criminals and scammers tried cyber-attack over one from three universities on the exam or to find out the personal information of the staff or members as well as others and their research.