The girl and boys scout will group together against the battle of gender violence – the UN’s activism starts on Friday and the association of girl guides wants everyone to be a part of the campaign.

The World Association of Girl Guides Scouts (WAGGS) wants to aware the world with their campaign against the harassment that girls are facing on daily basis and want 10 million people to take part in the awareness campaign in schools and colleges.12290282_girlguiding-uk-on-its-online-overhaul-social_82fe50d1_m

A lot of Girl Guide campaigns are working in the world and most of them are in the UK – making this battle a large voluntary movement dedicated to girls and women globally. The world Girl Guide campaign was for sixteen days and they include:

  • Rwanda, the co-scouts have developed schools to educate people about the issue.
  • In Italy, the girls developed education system for boys.
  • Silence, girls are working with government and schools to get a message across.

According to UN, women in the world have to face physically, sexually and economic violence due to age, income or education. The latest reports tell that half of the women in the world are facing these situations due to gender based violation and the ratio tells that only ten percent of them went to the police and other remain silent.

The campaign head said that violation against women needs to finish as it is also human violation or public health and imposes a cost on families, and communities or we cannot afford this pay.

The report of poll tells that half of the girls in the world are discouraged from education as well as sports due to sexual harassment and most of them are teachers or fellow men and we need to remove this gap – the live freedom report showed that more than 5500 cases were registered to police in past three years due to alleged sex crimes in UK schools.

Stop The Violence

Stop The Violence

The association members said that they are working to provide the women a safe place where they can express her feelings to the world and providing different opportunities to the girls.

The Girl Guide campaigns are working in the UK to provide urgent action towards the report or often work for hidden scandal in England, Scotland, and Wales where they provide security to the young girls.

The Assistance Organization is working on a strategy to take action to renovate the lives of children and women who are facing this darkness. They are working on a project to build ‘Room for Hope’ where they decided to address the women and children who are abused daily or they didn’t have space to go. This room will teach the young girls with new skills such as painting, staining etc. and also fundraising plan to ensure the financial resources to complete the project.