Have you ever thought of living without the need of the smartphone or surviving without a mobile for hours? Most probably your answer is no – similarly, the new research told that teenagers can’t survive without the smartphone for few minutes.

Children get stress when they are separated from their parents but the same feelings are developed by the teenagers when a smartphone is separated from them – the use of mobile is becoming an essential part of the entire life.Separating Students From Smartphone Can Lead To Stress

The mobile phone is the luxury item of the world and one can find the comfort and a real substitute for human interaction – the smartphone is the item that shows the social network of the individual.

The research was concluded by the university in Hungary showing the results that teenagers get stressed when the mobile phone is separated from them but the fact is that they also get few stressed when they are holding mobile that was not their own smartphone.

The authors of the research added that ‘mobile phones are the objects that are becoming the attachment of the young ones – it is special as it represents the social connection of one. We are at the beginning stage of the technology and the rapid enhancement of the technology will effect on the emotions of the individual’.Separating Students From Smartphone Can Lead To Stress

The study was conducted on the people of age 18 – 26 years old – the students are filmed and tested their heartbeat to conclude the result after separation of the smartphone.  Some of the students stored their smartphone in the cupboards during the test of puzzle and when there is break of three and half minute the students were hovering towards the cupboard for the smartphone and those that don’t have mobile phone were also scratching their face and change in their heartbeat represents their stress for the separation of the smartphone.

The study represents that technology is wonderful but one has emotion attached to the object and get stress when it is separated from it – you know that when the battery of your mobile device run out you even get quit or get stress as well.

The study also reveals that students are more depending on the smartphone instead of the other objects – the technology is growing fast so that they can find more comfort and reassurance from the smartphone instead of any element.

The recent surveys over the use of smartphone also show the same results and the fear of separation of one from the smartphone will get a term namely nomophobia and almost every four people out of five are affected with same cognition.