The kids are being asked to take up a new challenge to learn the sign language as it is important for the deaf people to communicate with the other people.

The deaf kids are worried about their future as many of them added that ‘if other kids are able to understand the sign then we had a chance to play with them and the communication with the different kids remain easy for us’.

The deaf school and teachers associated with the deaf kids added that ‘when person communicate with the other people with British sign language then many of them get overwhelmed and unable to understand their language and remain a barrier for them’.

We need to encourage the people to learn the basic language skills to motivate the deaf students and provide them reasonable space in the environment and it will be a good start – the supporters for the language added that we are delighted to work with the people and help them to raise the awareness of the sign language.

Deaf students comment about BSL:Should Pupils Need To Learn Sign Language?

The students have the aim to succeed the world with their skills and added different comments over raising the voice of British sign language and some of them are:

  • Amelie added that the signs are helpful if you were to go deaf at an older age or if your child born deaf then these signs will help you to communicate.
  • Ivy was just nine years old and added that if people are learning the deaf student’s language then it will motivate us if everybody is using this kind of signs then deaf students really happy to communicate with them.

Mr. Barrow says that if we only teach the students about basic signs such as money, directions then it will affect the deaf people’s life – I encourage the students to remain confident in front of hearing people and if people are using movements then it really helps them.

Facts and figures:Should Pupils Need To Learn Sign Language?

  • There are already 11 million people in one region are deaf or hard of hearing and the British Sign Language is considered to be preferred language for the people in the UK – the department of education added that language is free of cost, if schools want to teach the language then they can do so.
  • The schools are pretty busy places and teachers need to grip on the BSL language to teach the children – it is impossible to make the language mandatory but schools can make the language as an extra-curriculum option for the kids and we need to promote the language for the deaf students.

Mother experience with deaf son:

  • The parents of the deaf children are happy on the indication of government about BSL language for the students as many of them shared their experience – one of the mothers added that my son is deaf and it is very difficult for people to communicate with the kid and I will work as an interpreter of my son.

This is the good step to teach the students about BSL language to communicate with the deaf students and promote them as part of the family.