Effective memory is necessary for the child to compete with other colleagues and other fellows of class and also for learning. Some students need constant reminders this is due to short term memory issues. Children with strong short-term memory can stick to be a task and perform step by step procedure.

The memory is the most important demand for child and also for adults as we grow we need to get acquired knowledge and some new skills and for achieving the target we must have a strong memory. Students who are deficit in short term memory have more cases of forgot things – below here are some discussions for efficient memory collection of the child.

  • Teach Students in both formats:

Teach students in both directions visual and verbal formats. Teachers must encourage the students in both formats this will really help a child for memory, use images that illustrate your points during. It is always easier for students to memorize the pictures instead of words and give some examples to relevant concept this will also emphasize the knowledge of the student. Another strategy that inserted is substitution – add some words visual look and then convert them to original word in this way student must memorize the impact of words.

  • Divide the Concepts:

Try to teach students small topics on daily basis, rather than to give long document divide it into short concepts and students will better understand it. This strategy always works as students are able to learn small pieces of data more easily and for a long time. Once they have learned the small concepts then you link the concepts with each other.

Students who are weak in memory recall ask them to write every step this will emphasize the ability of student like Math mostly students having a problem performing tasks like division ask them to write steps including carrying number – this will help from losing their place and forgetting what they are doing.

  • Teach students to be active:

To enhance the memory of child one should underline the important keywords while reading this will help them they go back and find out the important points and enhance the short memory. For long term memory add graphic organizers and this will be proven for the student.

  • Adequate timing for student:

Encourage your students to spend adequate time in relaxation as this is very important for the growth of the kid. Relaxing the body has a connection with a brain for recalling if you are suffering from lack of sleep then it impacts on memory recall and also grades of students.

Encourage your students to get healthy diet as it has a great impact for activeness of child – many children brought snacks with them in class ask them to have healthy eatables that include proteins as snacks are not healthy for brain activeness. Ask them to have exercise daily to improve their memory.

  • Retrieval Practice for Students:

Research shows that practice is the main thing that matters in long term memory – teachers must test the student and examine to check its concept and it will help students for recalling procedure and get good grades in the exams. Students must review their concept before going bed – researcher’s shows that the students who review their information before bed have long term memory.