Instructors always look for ways to bring quiet children out of their shells, but researchers and new academic institutes that are suggested can improve the progress of students. They are trying to remove the pressure of student and give him space and time for her development.

Robert said the framework of modern schools is not helping the shy and introverted students; modern researchers also added the modern organization is quiet kid’s worst nightmare.baldasaro-introverts

Susan Chain the popular author said the students that are shy and introverted stop learning when they feel frightened in a classroom environment.

It is very difficult for teachers to pay attention to all students when there are 25 students in the class, the teacher is assuming all students moving towards goal at the same time, but some students fail to achieve the goal rather they are an introvert or extrovert learner.

Difference between introvert and extrovert student:

An extrovert is those students who feel comfortable in groups, they are the students who raise their hands first in the class for the answer they are able to manage leadership of groups, tend to be more visible to the teacher and other students, they shine brightly in school and all other events.

Introvert are those students that can be quiet in a group setting, they are not prominent to teachers and other students. They rather play their favorite game with one or two kids, in the classroom, they want some time to adjust to a new environment or new setting; they might not speak up in large groups.

It is the responsibility for the teacher to recognize whether the student is an extrovert or introvert learner and their behavior and then follow strategies to make the student feel comfortable in the environment.

Strategies for introvert student:

Following are some strategies which help for the introvert student to feel comfortable in the classroom and it is only possible with the help of a teacher; the teacher must engage the introvert student with other fellows and add them in class participation.

  • Ask them questions and give some time. The best idea for shy students is to pair them with a class colleague to talk about their reflections. Once they are paired then you ask a question to pair to share their thoughts with a classroom this is the finest way to resolve the student, then give some time and allow them to share thoughts with each other louder and then with a classroom this technique must work for the introverted student.encouraging-introverts-to-speak-up_source_flickr1
  • Make small 4 to 5 students group in class and then rearrange them over the course in this way the introvert student gets a chance to talk all other students and get familiar with every other student. This must bring a positive response to student’s life.mec-resim-2
  • The teacher must pass smile for a shy student to make them feel included in class, must comment on the work of these students and display their work in front of the class so that other students also can see their work.lead_960
  • Testing is also a strategy to make introvert student compete with other fellows, teacher give them special attention rather than their official time to improve the