Speaking to ourselves, especially if we are speaking louder or using own name makes us look insane but the fact is that science shows that it actually signs of intelligence instead of mental illness.

We all talk to ourselves whether in silent mode or speak louder but is not a sign of mental illness but could indicate the high level of intelligence and those who speak for themselves while focusing on task do better than those who stay quiet according to a new study.

The study and research were conducted by the experts at Bangor University and found the external monologs boost brain power to improve our focus and achieve goals.

The experts added that our inner thoughts and memory serves to organize our thoughts and plan actions while this inner talk evolves us to speak loud to further reinforce to approach our goal.

Explanation of Research:

The psychologist and experts reveal their results on basis of different participants thoughts as they gave 28 people a set of written instructions where the candidates need to read this paper either they speak loud or silently before measuring their concentration and performance.

The results were surprising as those candidates read the instruction louder are more likely to absorb the instructions in their mind instead of those that use only inner dialogue.

Dr. Paloma Mari-Beffa added that the results demonstrated that if we talk to ourselves louder towards the goal and challenge we remain motivated and improves our performance when we do it loud as when a mind is not wandering, it could actually be a sign of high cognitive functioning.

The researchers and experts concluded that talking out loud is actually the extension of silent talk caused when we need to stay motivated towards our goal – the research also concludes that when we speak louder towards the challenging tasks our performance tends to improve when we do it loud.

The previous research shows that talking to ourselves enhance the efficiency of the brain and the research also explains why the sports and tennis stars always speak louder.

The sports stars including Maria Sharapova 30, or Serena Williams 35, always speaks louder and talk to themselves during the match or at critical situation of the matches or during high-stress matches to stay motivated toward the game – the stars always speak the words like ‘Come on – do it’ to stay motivated towards the goal.