If you are focusing on results then you never get changed and if you are focusing on change then you get positive results.

A student doesn’t plan to fail in high school, the first thing when you become paternal that every child is different from your second child. So students are of different types some are shy, introverted students that do not manage their time and can get proper preparation before the exam and as a result, they have to suffer failure. Here are some reasons why students fail in their high school:

  • Poor time management skills:time

Managing time poorly is a big reason for the failure of the student; some student doesn’t have the ability to manage time properly. Students who wait until last minute to submit their assignments will mostly fail to precede it properly. Encouraging good homework and study habits from the early age will provide you better time management ability.

  • Lack of Preparation:exam

Many teenagers don’t focus on their studies and have a lazy mindset, which leads to their failure. Mostly with social media teenagers are focusing on eReaders, IPads, smartphones etc that are destroying the lives of teenagers. Parents and teachers must grow up their child and tells them how to manage their life and balance their lives between technology and study. Students must learn everything in life is a process; obstacles come in life and then went away when you clear them.

  • Lack of Self Confidence:how-can-technology-help-introverted-students_750_422_75_s_1438357600_ll5

A lack of self-confidence is the biggest issue for the failure of the student, too much confidence can prevent from improving on weakness. Encourage your children to develop accountability and confidence from the moment they enter the school. Each child must know he is reliable on his own study not any other, he must bring his own books and get ready his lesson by himself for success in school.

  • An inability to complete task:gg

Students must be motivated until they complete the task; this is responsibility for the teacher to check out where problems are coming from the child. In this way, it will become impossible for a student to complete the task entire time.

  • Fear of failure:banner

The fear of failure is also a big issue of failure; they must know that failure is the part of success. The student must learn that we have to learn from our failures and then have to overcome these mistakes. Changing in the time and process is growing towards success.