Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to live without it – it dies.

Good social skills are quite important as it removes stress from the life – building a good relationship with other people improve your social support and also provides you better mental health in general. Studies show that having good social skills can make you more charming, desirable and confident.

Communication skills are quite important to interact with others as communication is the key to personal and career success or to develop friends and being respectful to others. People are not born with good skills that make them prominent but they do some effort and practice for the purpose here is the guide that defines you how to improve your skills – there are three strategies for the development of social skills and are as follows:

Improve Verbal Communication:verbal

  • Verbal communication is somewhat where you have to interact with others and share information by speaking – be aware of your volume while you are speaking. Try to don’t speak too softly or loudly aim to speak in balanced volume and speak with confidence instead of aggression.
  • Start a conversation with the general topic rather than personal – you may ask them about the weather or some event instead of becoming personal. After speaking general topic then you may extend the conversation by asking questions about job, family and deepen the conversation.
  • When you are engaging with someone – you have to avoid some certain topics such as religion, politics, and sex – these questions are considered to be inappropriate while you are conversation – and remember to end the conversation via gracefully – don’t abruptly break the conversation but use smooth transition and use positive statements.

Improve non-verbal communication:non-verbal

  • Bodies also communicate messages more powerfully like words – always remember your body language is most important for social interactions you can send messages to others by gestures and facial expressions. Observe others and their poses and improve these skills in your body language.
  • Improving non-verbal language at home by recording your video in conversation and improve it – you can also communicate in front of the mirror and also take help from your friends as they provide you good feedback – don’t be afraid to be silly try different body languages.
  • Always put a smile on your face as it is the best way to meet yourself to others – just focusing on a smile when you are meeting others and also make eye contact. If you are avoiding eye-contact or crossing your arms far away – it means you do not want to interact.
  • Spend a little more time for your dress to look more confident – wearing new shirt and pair of shoes you impress anyone and improve self-confidence and other skills.

Improve Skills in World:real-world

  • Locate a place where communication with other people is acceptable – don’t choose a place like a bank or supermarkets for social interactions as people are in hurry to complete their tasks – try to approach a person that doesn’t look too much busy.
  • Remain confident while you are meeting new person as your nervousness makes other persons bored or nervous – social skills are improved by practice the more interaction increases your skills or you can join the group for the development of social skills.