Early childhood is a crucial stage for every child physical, emotional and social development. The social development of the child has directly effect on their childhood training that is why understanding to invest in a young child is very important for future.

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out.

Neurological research shows that early years play a key role in the development of the child; babies begin to learn the surroundings from very small age including the perinatal and postnatal period. Education of the child begins when he is brought from hospital to home and continues when he is in play land and any other place.

What do you mean by early education?

Early education means to teach the young child at home or school or somewhere else. Recently childhood education has become the prevalent public policy issue. Parents are the first teacher of the child; they determine them on any task. The education of student of age less than 2 years has great influence on its future education.

Early education doesn’t mean to teach the child with books or anything the first and main concept of early education is to teach the student via playing. Thus, children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge through activities.ftd

Why is early Education important?

If you want to succeed in life you have to establish before you enter kindergarten. It is a period when child’s brain builds cognitive skills and this is very fast establishment period; the foundation of math, science and other subjects as well as characters, skill growth.

There is an explosion of activity in first five years of the life, as the national association for a young child if we capitalize the learning opportunities of the child they will get a trajectory of success.play

Another research shows that students who have attended early learning programs get higher grades in high school instead of those who have no formal early learning. Experts agree and support early education as a student with early education has no bad impacts.

In the past decades, early education gain lot of attention of government and consider it to be compulsory for every child and order some preschools for the development of a kid.