The schools play a vital role in the character development of the student – it is not enough to simply fill the brain of kid with facts and information developing his charm is also necessary this is the reason social and emotional feelings and learning is important in the school – as adults and family are responsible for this development but schools play a vital role.

Social and emotional learning will enhance the confidence of student and foundation can see the positive learning among the child and ability to succeed in school – as school is the platform where students can develop their social interaction with others and grow their interpersonal skills and it can help students to promote respectful relationships and can able to manage his emotions as well as decisions – researchers also shows that it not only increased interaction but also increases attitude such as kindness, sharing and reduces depression.

  • Self-awareness:

One could be able to recognize his abilities and personality can and become able to understand his goals and values – if SEL is learning in school by students then they can be able to define their own positive goals and can stay with it and becomes able to recognize the interconnection of feelings and thoughts. The student also is able to learn about the management of his work and also his own emotions and behaviors and can reduce his stress and struggle to achieve his personal and educational goals.

  • Social Awareness:

It includes the learning of backgrounds and culture of the society, the family and recognizes community resources and support and have information about the problems that the society is facing. It also includes understanding the emotions of other persons and their needs and concerns – also learn about the organizational awareness and conscious of hardships of society – it can also include your reaction towards different situations and effectively interaction towards the people – this is the beauty of the life as you have to learn the personal improvement process.

  • Relationship Skills:

This is the most important learning for the students as they have to create relations with other people it includes relation with friends, teacher and much more but the fact is that teachers must teach the students how to act in accordance with the relation? These learning including the communication of the student, it’s actively hearing towards the person, to neglect the inappropriate pressure or how to seek help in the critical situation and many more elements.

  • Responsible Decision Making:

It relates to the constructive choices about personal and social interactions – it requires the ability of a child to choose the option that is suitable and to consider ethical standards, safety concerns, and the health. The school is the place where a student can learn good and effective social and emotional skills and can be able to make the decision that is accurate for him.

The researchers show that students are more successful when they learn how to deal with different situations and how to manage their tasks and daily routine and make sound choices about personal decisions.