Real-life learning is important for the development of the students – most of the universities offers five months holiday in a year i.e. plenty of time for their growth.

We know that school is the best place for the students to learn the subject and educate him with the modern world but for choosing the career for future – school might not be the first option. The holidays are much important for the career of the students to find out his interest in real life.

Actually, the real-life learning means a modern style where students contribute to the product world or to create a tangible product – it raises the moral and motivation of the students and engages all the senses to create a meaningful, useful outcome and to connect with the real world.

The importance of work learning:

Most of the times students want to learn the subject that is relevant to their employability or future working lives – and work-related learning allows them to get familiar with their employment as earning, or many more and proven to be great motivator for the students as it increases the understanding of economy works including the role of business and financial services within it.

Benefits of work-related learning for students:

The work related learning helps the students in many aspects for their future development including:

  • Enriching their education & understanding of the world of work.
  • Enhance the skills of the employ ability.
  • Learn about the career opportunities and choices.

Benefits are given by employers to students:

  • Giving them fresh ideas for future.
  • Help them for modern qualifications.
  • Provide them motivational and personal development opportunities.
  • Increase their job satisfaction.

Real Life LearningReal-life learning is actual learning of the students – the experience that gives you in your holidays is far away from reciting the words of the books or philosophy – you have to get out of the university plenty of opportunities available like internships in the relevant field or become assistant to learn the subjects and other capabilities of the relevant fields.

The modern world is quite intelligent and modern with new technologies and you have to familiar with them before starting your own business or future job – the purpose of writing is to aware the students that the importance of real life working is important for them.

These all are the reasons most of the universities offers students long term holidays for their development of the future careers.